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What is NANORA?

NANORA is a unique network of public policy institutions, associations, clusters and research and technology centres. Each is active in supporting nanotechnology research and business activities in their respective region and committed to advancing their region by fully exploiting their regional nanotechnology potentials. NANORA is set up not simply as a cooperation of thematically anchored initiatives but as a cooperation of regions.

The NANORA Mission

NANORA is based on the conviction that nanotechnology is a key enabling technology for the 21st century and that European regions need to engage in concerted action to be successful in the global competition for nano-enabled economic growth. NANORA consequently aims at strengthening cooperation between European regions in the development of regional and transnational nanotechnology assets. NANORA’s vision is to overcome a narrow “regional selfishness” and observe the trusted motto of the three musketeers: all for one and one for all.

NANORA’s Objectives

NANORA’s key objective is to support nanotechnology businesses in the participating regions by:

  • Facilitating tailored collaborations across sectors and across borders.
  • Developing new market opportunities for SMEs through joint transnational actions.
  • Harmonizing regional innovation policies in order to improve framework conditions for nanotechnology stakeholders.
  • Promoting exchange and networking between relevant nanotechnology stakeholders.
  • Engaging in nanotechnology outreach activities to promote dialogue on the responsible use of nanotechnology.

How to join NANORA Members
Membership Benefits

  • Access to a growing network of regional NANORA Access Points: gateways to the regions’ nanotechnology landscapes.
  • Access to a detailed multiregional database of nanotechnology players offering individually tailored matchmaking opportunities.
  • Participation in a systematic approach to harmonizing policy and support structures.
  • Access to nanotechnology support schemes that may be copied across participating regions and are open to beneficiaries from all NANORA regions.

Join the Alliance to help European nanotechnology regions grow!

NANORA Members Leaflet

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