Tuesday, 4 October 2016 - 9:00am
London (UK), 4th october 2016
Nano4Industry4.0 - Nanotechnology in the 4th Industrial Revolution- is a unique event that is aimed at bringing together the nanotechnology and the 3-d printing/additive manufacturing communities. Brought to you by the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), this one-day event is aimed at end users and developers of both nanotechnology solutions and additive manufacturing. Delegates from businesses as well as researchers are invited to attend.
The 4th Industrial Revolution – or Industry 4.0 - is defined as the leaning of industry towards automated and data connected manufacturing technologies. What distinguishes this revolution from its predecessors is the fact that it leverages from the merging of physical, digital and biological domains. Industry 4.0 is therefore enabled by technological breakthroughs in fields as diverse as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, biotechnology, nanotechnology and 3D printing. 
Learn about the policy impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution
Get expert insight into the business opportunities presented by the integration of nanotechnology and 3d printing/ additive manufacturing processes to deliver UK competitive impact in the 4th Industrial Revolution.
Learn about the current challenges that need to be overcome.
View exhibits of nano-enhanced 3D-printed products.
Network with a unique blend of delegates from the nanotechnology and additive manufacturing communities, including both industry and academia - perhaps you’ll even find a partner for future collaboration.]
KTN is inviting nanotechnology and 3D printing companies and research organizations to speak and exhibit their novel nano-scale technologies at Nano4Industry4.0. Exhibition slots will be offered for the best ten proposals at no extra charge (although you will still need to register two delegates for the event). The deadline for submissions is 15 August 2016. 
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