Nanora convoy to Tennessee

May 16-22, 2015, Tennessee, USA

NANORA will organize a “Convoy” trade mission for nanotechnology companies to visit Tennessee on the 16th-22nd of May. Tennessee has now enjoyed more than five years of growth since the end of the Great Recession in 2009. The economic recovery continues to be in full swing and healthy economic growth is expected for the upcoming year.

On this business trip you will visit leading manufacturing companies and make important B2B contacts. On top of that the trip offers excellent opportunities for networking with participants from several European countries.

The participants will have to pay only for travel costs to Nashville and the hotel costs; transport in Tennessee is organized by NANORA and free of charge for the participants. There is no fee for participating.

If you require more information about this trip or have specific suggestions concerning the programme please contact Dr. Ulrike Niedner-Kalthoff (; +49 (0) 611 815-2478)