You are an SME with expertise in nanotechnology ?

Or an SME in search of nanotechnology expertise ?

You need a partner for an R&D project ?

You wonder who else is there in your region, your country, throughout Europe ?

Then NANORA is for you.

Nanotechnology support stakeholders from several European regions have teamed up to provide you with targeted services. Find out what our unique network of public policy institutions, associations, clusters and research and technology centres can do for you.

NANORA offers:

The NANORA partnership is convinced that for European nanotechnology SMEs it is imperative to team up with the right partners – and to do so across borders. This is why they have developed TINCA, the Alliance’s Transnational Interactive Nanotechnology Competence Atlas. The database, accessible via the NANORA website (, includes around 600 nanotechnology stakeholders from all NANORA regions and thus allows for easy partner searches across borders. Moreover, the company profiles in TINCA are continuously refined by additional information concerning the specific expertise the companies have to offer in categories such as raw materials they work with, processes they use, end markets they target, and roles they can play in nano-enabled value chains. By the end of August 2014, users will be able to filter TINCA entries for these categories and thus retrieve made-to-measure sets of companies and research organizations specifically suited to their needs for individual R&D&I projects. Alternatively or concurrently, users can be assisted in their search efforts by the network of NANORA Access Points (NAPs) in the participating regions.
The Nanora alliance can help you to find research facilities, adapted to your specific needs. This can be done within our members or associates team or by helping you to find the best solution by forwarding your requirements within NANORA network
In order to further facilitate contact between prospective R&D&I partners NANORA members will upon request verify the interest of matching companies as well as schedule and accompany initial meetings. SMEs may furthermore receive assistance in finding suitable sources of funding for cross-regional collaborative projects. Here the NANORA members can provide sound consulting services based on a specifically developed overview of regional and transnational funding schemes suited to nanotechnology SMEs, which is accessible here
NANORA provides access to easy-to-understand tools and tutorials about nanotechnology, targeted at pupils, schools and the general public. If you want to know more on how nanotechnology works, its application areas and features, please consult the "Nanotechnology : An introduction for All" menu of this website
If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us or your regional NANORA Access Point