Monday, 7 November 2016 - 9:00am to Thursday, 10 November 2016 - 6:00pm
Grenoble (France), 7th to 10th November 2016
The Fifth International Conference NANOSAFE 2016 is titled 'Health and Safety Issues Related to Nanomaterials for a Socially Responsible Approach'.
The conference programme is set to include a combination of invited plenary lectures, panel discussions and poster sessions among others.
The three-day programme for this conference will include: 
  • Invited plenary lectures:  D. Chen (U.VIRGINIA, USA), C. Asbach (IUTA,GE), W. Wohlleben (BASF, DE), B. Gilbert (Berkeley, USA), M. Ricaud (INRS, FR), G. Oberdörster (U.ROCHESTER,USA), D. Pui (U.MINNESOTA, USA), D. Bernard (CEA, FR), P. Boisseau (CEA, FR), B. Nowack (EMPA, CH), J. Rose (CEREGE, FR), R. De Thoury (ALCEN, FR), M. Wiesner (Duke University, CEINT, USA), C. Emond (U. MONTREAL, CA), S. Friedrichs (OECD,FR)
  • Selected oral contributions
  • Posters sessions
  • Panel discussions: Responsible Development with NGOs / Urban particles mitigation : what is reasonably possible / Nanomedicine : Benefit-Risk
  • Exhibition of equipment : measurement, containment, protection, etc.
  • Satellite meetings: NanoID, Guidenano, Serenade, NanoStreeM, NanoMet, NanoSafety Cluster
For any information, please contact the organizers at:
Topics :
1. Measurement and characterization of nano objects
2. Exposure
3. Manufactured nano objects
3.1 Nano objects release from nanoproducts
3.2 Safer by design nanomaterials and process
3.3 Risk management
3.4 From nanoproducts to waste
3.5 Nano responsible development
3.6 Commercial Equipment
4. Urban particles
5. Nano objects and Health
5.1 Toxicology
5.2 Environmental interactions of nanomaterials
5.3 Safe use of nano objects for médicine applications
6. Regulation / Standardization
Call for papers
All accepted abstracts will be submitted online and published in a "Book of Abstract"
Papers will be presented in oral and poster sessions. Full paper will be published after their review in an open access journal.
Oral presentations will be available on the conference website
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