An interactive map presents the nanoplayers collected by the NANORA partners in Belgium (Wallonia), France (Nord-Pas-de-Calais), Germany (Hessen and Saarland), The Netherlands (Southern Netherlands), Ireland and United Kingdom (North West England).
An extended version with advanced search criteria based on a nanotechnology taxonomy developed by Nanora will be presented soon.
If you have any enquiry, suggestion, correction or new entry to propose, please use our contact form or contact your regional Nanora Access Point

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Dana2.0 Knowledge Base


DaNa2.0 is funded by the German federal ministry of education and research. It will provide you with important and generally understandable aspects of applied nanomaterials on health and environment as well as facts on risk management and safety aspects of synthetic nanomaterials.
By selecting an application and a corresponding nanomaterial, DaNA will provide you with known information about its behaviour in the body and in the environment.

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Technology Offers and Requests in Nanotechnology

by Enterprise Europe Network Hessen


The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) offers experienced support for enterprises with an interest of setting up or expanding research, technology or business cooperations. The database of the Enterprise Europe Network is actively used and filled by 600 organisations in over fifty countries worldwide. There is over 10,000 anonymized cooperation profiles available to these partners for distribution to their regional clients.

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Technology Offers and Requests